Becoming a chief learning officer

The following are some of the skills that you will need to add to your job description which will be looked into during a job interview process. Read more on CLO roles and much more. The skills include: 

An innovative thinker 

You need to have a background in development and training as well as be an innovative thinker. You would want to build a learning culture and this means that you have to think outside the box. Plus, as a candidate, you will require to be on top of the current training trends happening such as simulation and gamification. At the same time, as a potential chief learning officer, you have to understand the vision of your company, and the way to learn the program might strengthen your underlying goals. 

A natural leader 

Because you will be hired for a C-suite position, you have to be a leader naturally. It includes you being a teacher to all those around you in the organization whether fellow C-suite managers or junior employees. Plus, you have to understand that everyone has different ways of learning and tailor a program for learning which is effective across various personalities. 

What Is a Chief Learning Officer?


If the organization has been doing development and training in a particular way for years, some of the employees might be reluctant to the change you are about to bring. You must be a candidate who can readily implement change, getting all the employees to buy into the new system you are about to implement. And once you establish a new system, you should be able to grow it with time, maintain employee engagement across your organization. 

Analyzer for the employees 

Even though you might not be the human resource manager or the recruiter in-house, you require to be an extension of both of the positions. As a good chief learning officer, after your initial training, you will need to pulse on all the employees. It might lead to suggesting to an employee to be moved to various teams that deserve their skillsets more or to hire a new position where you find that there is a hole in the production. 

Expert communicator 

As a new chief learning officer, you will have to wear several hats with the most important one is being able to communicate at a higher level in your new role. You require buy-in from the stakeholders, management, and employees on the learning program of the new company. It will include verbalizing the new directions as well as being able to back up decisions with case studies, analysis, and the available data. With that, each person who is connected to the company will understand why there is a new learning initiative and the reason it is being launched, and its impact. 

The future of the chief learning officers 

The chief learning officer’s role is on the growth because most of the organizations do recognize the need for development and learning to be major in their success. It is necessary to remember the main skills which are required so that one becomes a chief learning officer, like aligning learning with the organization’s goals and the personality traits which will be able to command a buy-in from the whole organization. 


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