Know how to Come Out Of The Trap Of Addiction

One of the main concerns that are on the rise lately across the globe is the rise in the proportion of the population falling into the trap of addiction. Addiction is becoming very common among people of almost every age group, right from teenagers to old age groups. Irrespective of the age group, people are easily falling into the addiction category. Hence, to combat all that addiction treatment centres are coming up a lot across the country. This article further elaborates on different aspects of addiction and how to overcome it.


On the first hand, what is addiction?

To begin with, addiction can be defined as a psychological disorder that meddles with the nervous system and causes severe dependency on a particular substance. Addiction can be toward almost anything, starting from as small as coffee to as big as narcotic drugs. Addiction can be explained as a state when an individual is rendered unable to cease the usage of a substance, it can also be used in cases when the individual suffers from the inability to cease a particular habit or behaviour. Although, this habit or behaviour or the usage of this substance can possess severe harm both psychologically and physically.

Many people refer to addiction as only a term that is used to describe dependency on a particular substance, however, addiction can also be sought in certain habits such as gambling or indulging in notorious acts. It is in fact described as a chronic state. Illicit use of drugs especially narcotic drugs is what accounts for the development of addiction.

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How does addiction start?

In most of cases, although not in all cases, it begins when an individual voluntarily takes up the substance or indulges in the activity or habit or behaviour. Eventually, this voluntary one-time use progresses and persuades the user to further use it without control. Thus, resulting in addiction. It is mainly caused due to lack of self-control. When an individual suffers from not being able to control themselves, when their body’s demand expands beyond the bandwidth of their control, such that the user is forced to use the substance or indulge in the habit or behaviour.


How to treat this addiction?

Now that addiction has been established as a ravenous disorder that messes up with the neuropsychological activities of the body, imparting a negative effect on the body, it has to be treated appropriately as well.

The first line of treatment is to first let the individual realise and acknowledge that the substance they are using or habit or behaviour they are indulging in is hazardous to their body in one or the other way.


Secondly, the individual must be routed in the direction of treatment for addiction.

They must be enrolled in a government-certified, rehabilitation centre and be let fully under their control. Apart from that counselling and psychological therapy can be of great help for those seriously seeking advice and help on de-addiction.

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